On the 19th July, an alliance of 15 industry, consumer, environmental and climate protection associations signed onto a joint letter sent to the German government expressing their concerns over the about the current slump in building renovation rates within Germany. The letter warns that without reducing energy consumption within our buildings, a socially acceptable and environmental friendly energy transition would be impossible. Not only would this jeopardize Germany meeting it’s national climate targets, but it would further risk social upheaval due to increased heating costs.

Therefore, they are calling on their government to launch a climate stimulus pack for the German building stock which involves the refurbishment of all public and private buildings. This must be achieved through a combination of funding programs, regulatory law, advice, leverage private financing and an adjustment of tenancy law. Moreover, the necessary solutions and technologies should be made available and these should be clearly communicated by politicians.

Overall, they are asking for a political commitment to maintaining the triad of goals of climate protection, the deployment of renewable energy and increasing energy savings as a pathway for a successful energy transition which is urgently needed.

Signed by:

Christian Noll, Executive Director, German Business Initiative Energy Efficiency e.V
Antje von Broock, Federal Manager, Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND)
Jan Peter Hinrichs, Managing Director, Federal Association for Energy Efficient Building Envelopes (BuVEG)
Stefan Bolln, Chairman, Building Energy Advisor Engineers Craftsmen – Federal Association e.V.
Frank Ernst, General Manager BTGA e. V., Managing Director FGK e. v. and
Managing Director of the Manufacturers’ Association of RLT Devices e. V
Jutta Gurkmann, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Consumer Policy. Consumer Center Federal Association e.V.
Leif Miller, Federal Managing Director NABU e.V.
Thomas Drinkuth, Head of Representative Office, Representative Office Transparent Building Shell GbR
Frank Lange, Managing Director Association Window + Façade e.V.
Marita Klempnow, Board Member of the German Energy Advisory Network e.V.
Heike Vesper, Management Transformation & Politics, WWF Germany
Arnold Drewer, Managing Director of the Blown-In Insulation Association FVED
Dr. Thomas Tenzler, Managing Director, FMI Fachverband Mineralwolleindustrie e. V